Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gwen's Birthday Fun

Gwen's birthday party was so cute!! Who knew that turning two could be so much fun? Her parents Lee (my cousin) and Amanda decided to throw her a candy party. Whenever Gwen is out our house (almost daily) she is always going to get more and more candy. At her party she didn't even want cake because she was enjoying her free reign of chocolate and sweets way too much. Amanda's decorations were so adorable, I especially loved her cellophane candy streamers. Brilliant! 

Not only is Amanda incredibly creative but her and her husband Lee are also photographers! Check out their website - 

Monday, August 22, 2011

All about mothers.

No matter where you are in the world, you will find mothers. Mothers who love. I love that mothers love so naturally and without hesitation. Mothers have this gift of nurturing children that is impossible to replace. Having a mother is the greatest gift that a family could be given. As we have traveled I have enjoyed being an observer of this motherly love. No matter where we were you could always see by their actions that even though it may have been hard, these mothers did all they could to simply care for and love their children. In many places they have to go to great lengths to sacrifice for their children and this was what touched me most. Incredible.

Thinking about mothers has caused me to reflect upon my years as a young girl. I don’t think I realized at the time the powerful influence my own mother would have on me for life. Every day I knew she would be home waiting for me and I knew she would always ask, “how was your day?”. There were times when I would come home stressed and overwhelmed to a clean home filled with uplifting music, times when I was sad or upset and she was always there to comfort me, times when I needed to be taught what was right, and she knew exactly what to say. I will be forever grateful for her comforting words, girls nights out, long distance phone calls, skyping when I was across the world, consistant letters during my missionary work, motivation to be a better person, her laughter during stressful seasons, her pure love for strangers, and her being the greatest example of charity and love. I feel that if I could become half of what my mother is, I would have accomplished a great thing in life. She is my best friend and I look to her example in every way.

My mother is Liz Porter, the inspiration behind E3 Imagine. I am continually amazed with her faith and direction as this company grows. Sometimes I think, that’s not possible, but then I watch mom do it and think; why do I ever question her? She is incredible! I know that her love for the people in the world will touch the lives of many as we visit these many nations. I’m excited to witness her dream come true and thrilled to be a small part of it. Thank you mom for following the inspiration you’ve been given! E3 wouldn’t happen without you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting ready.

We are booking our flights TODAY! E3 is finally taking off on our world trip to 14 countries! There will be seven of us going on the trip- My mom and Dad (Liz and Steve), Todd and Mikki, Kristin, then me and my brother Denver. I don't think that any of us have any idea of how much fun it's going to be. Lot's of hard work, but lot's of fun too.

In the meantime we have been planning planning planning all day every day! It's great though and I feel like we are really prepared. I think a lot of the work is because we will be taking pictures for 32+ children's books that we are creating, each one with a different subject and age group. My job will be taking video and capturing the lives of these families. Then Denver and I will be posting mini videos of the families that we meet.

I'll try to keep updating about the company if anything further happens about our progress or plans. But pretty much just get excited to see pictures and read stories starting September 7th! I can't wait!

I wanna go here!

Family in Boston

You know how there are some people that come into your life during a crucial time and it seems as if they were placed there just for you? My first semester of living in Boston I was 18, so young, starting school at Boston College and just a little bit lost. I met Ryan and Portia during this time and have been friends with them ever since. To me, they exemplify what I would like to have personally for my family in the future. I've always called Portia super mom because even with four kids she gets so much done and everything seems so perfect! Portia and Ryan together are excellent parents to their four kids, Portia, Wesley, Henry, and Christian.

When Denver told me he was doing an "E3 Friends" video of their family I was so excited! He did a great job putting it together and hope that everyone else who watches it can get a glimpse of what a great family this is.

Ashley in Jamaica

When we visited Jamaica we 

Friday, August 12, 2011

E3 Friends: Shun in Jamaica talks about being a father!

I loved putting together this video and learning from Shun and his cute family. They live in Kingston, Jamaica, he is a scupltor and a teacher. We spent a few hours with them taking photos for our book series that will be available by christmas this year. I think what I loved most from this interview was when he talked about spending time with his kids. Even though he is extremely busy teaching and being an artist, he recognizes what his greatest calling in life is, being a husband and a father.

We have more videos on VIMEO-  Click on this link to view them.

Also visit E3Imagine.com to learn more about this new education company.