Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family in Boston

You know how there are some people that come into your life during a crucial time and it seems as if they were placed there just for you? My first semester of living in Boston I was 18, so young, starting school at Boston College and just a little bit lost. I met Ryan and Portia during this time and have been friends with them ever since. To me, they exemplify what I would like to have personally for my family in the future. I've always called Portia super mom because even with four kids she gets so much done and everything seems so perfect! Portia and Ryan together are excellent parents to their four kids, Portia, Wesley, Henry, and Christian.

When Denver told me he was doing an "E3 Friends" video of their family I was so excited! He did a great job putting it together and hope that everyone else who watches it can get a glimpse of what a great family this is.

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