Thursday, April 24, 2008


Spring is here in Boston, finally! Every morning I am filled with joy and love for this city. I absolutely LOVE living here. The weather is beautiful right now. I take every chance I get to walk outside and enjoy the city. I go to a Health Works Gym that is a mile walk from my apartment. Today while I was walking there I noticed so many people outside! They were walking dogs, playing catch, and just hanging out! It made me so happy and grateful for this beautiful city. The scenery in Boston is also amazing. I live on Marlborough Street which is just the cutest street ever! All of the buildings are really old and cool looking and have cute doors. Anyway, I love Boston and anyone who has not been here must come and see it soon! I love living here and getting to know this city. This is such a wonderful time in my life!  This picture is the street that I live on in Boston.