Saturday, May 3, 2008

Learn... learn.... learn

So I thought that I would put up the classes that I took this semester at Berklee, just for fun. I have loved this semester at Berklee and am excited for future classes! This is not the most interesting blog ever, actually it is really boring! But some people ask me what kind of classes I take out here and stuff, so I thought I would share. To some of you this might sound like a different language, sorry!! 

Arranging 1- In this class I learned how to write music for many different instruments including; guitar, bass, drums, alt sax, trumpet, piano... We also learned different song forms and how to compose for those arrangements. For our final project we picked a standard and from scratch completely arranged the song in our own way using 6 different instruments. Next week our songs will be recorded live, fun!

Trad Materials & Structure 1- In this class we focused on diatonic harmonic analysis in different musical textures. Melody writing, with voice leading. Harmonization of melodies using the chords and roman numerals. Besides having a slightly crazy teacher, I learned a lot!

Tonal Counterpoint 1- I'm not really sure on how to explain this class except that it was really hard and intense. We learned how to create a counter melody to go with an existing melody. Given chords a roman numerals we composed our own pieces using our knowledge of the chords tones and different ways to embellish the melody line. 

Music Education Concert Choir- This class was really fun! We had a teacher who would teach us choral music, but at the same time we were learning how to teach the music ourselves. It was fun to be in a choir again, but to learn the many things a choir director needs to know. 

Vocal Conducting: Mus Ed Major- Learned warm-up's and different techniques to direct a choir.

Solfege 2- do re mi fa so la ti do... do re me fa so le te do.. This semester was minor solfege using the dorian, and phrygian modes. I know... it's crazy.

Harmony 2- This class was so fun! I had an incredible teacher who made everything so interesting! We learned about secondary and extended dominant relationships, motif development, linear harmonic continuity, guide tone lines, minor key harmony, and much more. 

Trumpet Class for Mus Ed- For the music ed major we have to take several other instruments. Trumpet was a lot of fun this semester. It was a lot harder than I thought! When I first started I couldn't make any noise out of it and was pretty discouraged... But now I can really play. Yay!

Private instruction: Piano- Everyone at Berklee has a certain instrument they got into Berklee with. The main "Principals" are Voice, Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Piano. My major requires me to take 6 semester of private instruction on my instrument. At the end of the semester we have a proficiency exam where there are specific requirements we have to meet to move onto the next level. Some of the things for this semester proficiency are; 4 octave scales for all natural, harmonic, and melodic minors, minor chords arpeggios, and minor chord progressions. I also have to perform two pieces live. 

I'm taking the last few of my finals on Monday and Tuesday, then I am leaving Tuesday night to go home for three weeks. I am coming back out here the last week in May to start another full-time semester at Berklee!


Katie W. said...

I love the new additions, so CUTE!! I think you are simply wonderful!

prism said...

Carly, you are so talented and an inspiration to me.

Camlin said...

Great work.