Thursday, September 4, 2008

The girls of Changzhou

I just have to brag about these amazing girls. I am so blessed that they are here at the school with me. I am the head teacher so I have had a lot of training to do with them and teaching them how to be fabulous teachers. They have been so patient with me and willing to learn everything that they can. We had a practice teaching a few days ago and I was so surprised with how well all of them did. I know that they will make great teachers and that the kids will love them. We have already become so close as a group in these short two weeks we have known each other. What a fun semester we have ahead of us! 
Bielle Romney, Abby Tryon, Kayla Orton, Nicole Pond, Carly Jo Porter, Katherine Voge

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Morgen said...

Holy SNAP! My maiden name is Tryon. I have to be related to the Tryon girl. Who is her father? Is it Larry? Is she from Mesa? I am so excited for you to be in China and you are so cute and your blog is cuter than mine. Dangit.