Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are READY!

So far we have been at the school training and preparing to start teaching. This is the first semester that ILP has had an english program at this school so it has been quite the job getting it all set up. Working with the chinese at the school had been difficult because they do not speak english very well. Our friend King has been translating but sometimes he gets very confused. They will tell us one thing about our schedules of teaching, when they are thinking a completely different thing. We were going to start teaching this week but they wanted to "test" our program first. Tomorrow they are going to have the parents of the students come to the school and watch us teach, if they like it then they will sign up their kids for the program. I have faith in all the teachers here that they will all do great! There are 6 of us and we will each be in separate classrooms of the 30 students and most of their parents. We have each prepared a 20 minute lesson that we will demonstrate for them. We will then rotate a few times so that the parents can see the different teachers. I think that it will go really well!! 

Abby and I welcoming the students to the school!

These are big posters that they made of the 
foreign teachers! They are really cool, it has 
a little description about each of us in Chinese.