Saturday, December 13, 2008

The best four months

Words cannot describe what an incredible four months that I have had here in China. I came with a purpose and I truly feel that I have accomplished that purpose. These children have the light of Christ in them! I truly love them as if they were my own children. I feel like my heart has grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I could feel my Saviors love for them pouring through me. I am so glad that I could be a part of their lives for this short time frame. As much fun as I have loved traveling and doing crazy things in China, in the end, it was all about these sweet children. The girls and I missed them so much when we were away from the school. I love them so much. My heart is broken, as it was the first time that I came to China. I have now had two opportunity's to spend time in China, fall in love with the Chinese people, their culture, and their children. I am so blessed! I know that many of these children will one day accept the message of the restored Gospel and I look forward to the wonderful reunion I will have with them in heaven. I hope that I can never forget the things that I have learned here in China. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity that I know is once (or twice:) in a lifetime! It was very last minute and spur of the moment but has turned into another life changing experience. 

Wo ai Zhong Gou!!!

(I love China!)


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Carly Jo, This was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your testimony. I can sense those kids made a real impact on you. Have a Very Merry Christ-centered Christmas!

krystal said...

carly these are cute pictures :)