Friday, January 23, 2009


Alright so I apologize for not writing in over a month! That really is so unlike me... I will try to catch everyone up on my life though! 

So I am officially moved back to Boston, my favorite city in the world. I came out about 2 weeks ago and moved into an adorable apartment with my sister and 2 other roommates. Our apartment is about a 10 minute walk to school and it is in a cute neighborhood. Tara and I share our cozy little room together. It is freezing in Boston.... FREEZING. Last week some of the days were so cold I really didn't think I would survive. One day the high was 10 degrees and it was windy which made it way colder!! WHEW. I have been so proud of myself though! Little mesa girl living in the cold.... I have noticed that I am getting used to it though, which is great.


Here are a few pictures of the street I live on after it snowed, a picture of my roommates and I after church, and one of Tara and I in front of our apt. building. 

The last two works out church meetings have been cancelled because of the snow! Well the first week back we just had sacrament meeting and then last week it was snowing really bad so all of our meetings were cancelled. It was kind fun though because we got together with out FHE group and our own sacrament meeting. What a neat experience it was to feel the spirit so strongly in our meeting, when we were not even in a church setting. It was a really cool experience! 


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Carly Jo-
I Love Boston! I love Boston in the snow. I love the Back Bay. Have a great time back East. Play in the snow for me, please. We aren't getting much snow here, and I miss it!

krystal said...

yeah snow!!! wish we had a little bit of that cold weather back in AZ!