Monday, February 2, 2009

Rockin B-Town

So I started school 2 weeks ago and everything has been going great. Mikki Rogers and my mom came out to visit the same week and we had so much fun with them! I am so glad that they came out, even though it was freezing cold for most of the time while they were here. I had fun showing them some cool places around Boston, including the Boston temple, which is my favorite place. I love my mom so much and was so happy to have her out here with us for a little bit!! 

Yes yes I took a first day of school picture! So cute right? I was excited because I haven't been in school full time since last spring semester so it was a big day for me!!! 

The picture right above is of me and Celeste Mazzeo. She is one of my closest friends out here in Boston. She is currently the relief society president and she is doing an incredible job at it! She goes to BU and is such a hard worker! I LOVE Celeste!!! 

This picture is with some girls in my ward; Alane, Mary, and Katie. This was on our first Sunday back to church. We only had sacrament meeting because there was so much snow this day and a lot of our ward members couldn't make it out. My ward is so great!!! The University Ward is seriously probably the best singles ward ever. We have students from all over the country going to many different Colleges and Universities throughout Boston. It is good to be back in the ward again with so many ambitious and talents people. 


Katasha Lyn said...

I love 3 things about the last pic
1) I love all of the girls
2) I love that you can see sister Duncan poking her head out behind you guys... I love her
3) I love love love that Mary wore sneakers to church! awesome.

love you car! I'm so super excited to see you soon!!

Jake and Kalli said...

yay! i love my mom and your mom!! they're cute.

DANIELLE said...

Celeste is RS President now?? She's AMAZING! As are you! I just love you guys!