Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 42; Finding a family in Capernaum!

Finding a family to photograph in Capernaum, Israel was quite a dream come true for Photographer Steve Porter and the rest of the E3 Imagine team!
Capernaum is located just north of the Sea of Galilee and is the place where Christ spent  eighteen months of His three year ministry. Krystal, Mote, and their one year old son Kai live in a Kabbutz community along the Sea of Galilee. How cool is that? Mote was raised in Israel while Krystal was raised in Holland! The two met in Hawaii, decided to get married and moved together to Israel. Once again, this family perfectly represented what E3 Imagine is wanting to share with the world! Happiness- not matter the circumstances in which you live, no matter the language you speak, or the country in which you live.

They are teaching their son Kai Hebrew and Dutch! Speaking of fatherhood Mote told us that he wants his son not only to look strong but to feel strong, he hopes to give him the confidence he needs to be successful in life. Krystal also explained her desires to help her son be well traveled and to make all of his dreams come true! We loved this families energy and outlook on life! The family really enjoys their peaceful life living in Israel and we really enjoyed spending a few moments getting to know them! 

I can't describe how incredibly blessed I feel to be a part of E3 Imagine. I can't imagine anything better to be doing with my life right now. It is really hard work, and of you who have ever been involved with a start up company know that it takes blood, sweat, and tears. But we believe that this project came from God and when it get's rough we simply remember that. I'm grateful to be traveling with a team who keeps that in mind when things get bumpy. I hope that our project will inspire people everywhere to recognize the talents they have been given, then take action and make a difference. 

Our E3 Team after a shoot in Paris. 

We are going to our next country today! Be sure to visit the E3 Imagine website to make your guesses! 

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