Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bad luck turns good!

I've been checking online for tickets to go to SLC for my mission reunion since May and have not had such a good time! Why on earth does it cost so much to fly?! Going to Arizona is way cheaper. Sooooo I've been super bummed because I would be missing my mission reunion that is happening next weekend.

But then..... I thought, oh hey I should text my sister-in-law Haley and ask if her mom has any buddy passes. Turns out that he mom didn't but that a woman her mom works with does! I seriously wanted to break down and cry I was so happy. So, I get to go hangout in Utah next weekend with all my favorite people and most importantly get to see President and Sister Holmes who I've missed like crazy. Blessings blessings!!! I'm pretty dang excited to spend some time on Temple Square as well and reminisce back to my mission.

My apartment is insanely hot right now by the way. I should probably invest in an air conditioner, I might do that today. I might not though. :)


Carly Jo 

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