Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleeping bags and creepy crawlies

So I have to post about our wonderful ward camping trip this last weekend.... mostly wonderful. Three singles wards our here in Boston went to Camp Zion in New Hampshire for the weekend and had a blast! Camp Zion is right on a beautiful lake and is only about an hour and a half outside of Boston.

On saturday night we had our skit and then ended up jumping in the lake (most of us with our clothes on) for a dance party. This may be a strong contributing factor to my lost voice for the last few days..

I headed to bed around 2am and got to the cabin and all the other girls were already asleep. So I quietly unzipped my sleeping bag and got in. I went to lie down and pulled my bag up to find something heavy on the other end of my bed, wait no inside my bag! I kicked around a little and realized it was pokey. I unzipped my bag and grabbed my phone to shine my light on it and WHAM a huge lobster staring at me. I didn't want to wake the other girls up so I did a few silent shrieks. Figured it was dead so I unzipped my bag and shoved it on the floor but NO it starts moving around!!! Freaking out!! I knew immediately who the perpetrators were so I sent out a few nasty words via text. After I was assured that they did not do it I told them to get over to my cabin to at least get the lobster out. (by this time all of the girls in the cabin were awake, they thought I was crazy when I was yelling "lobster in my bed", I guess they thought I was saying, monster in my bed...)  

So Jake and Brent come over and I tell them the whole story and they are flipping out that it's so huge and blah blah blah. Next morning I found out that they had actually followed me home and were outside of my cabin the whole time, being the criminals that they are... clever guys. real clever. There was actually a whole team of guys in on the prank, retaliation in action for each.

This is me the next morning right before cooking time. 

Cooking time.  

Thank goodness Vanary was there to tear apart the lobster, such a champ. 

So that's the end of the lobster story. Pretty sure I'll never be able to climb into a sleeping bag again with out checking for a lobster.. or some other creep thing. 


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