Monday, December 17, 2012

Recital success and chocolate.

So I held my very first piano/voice recital this last saturday evening and it was a SMASHING success. Perhaps arriving at the church to set up 3 hours early did it? Or maybe it was putting all of my students through "recital boot camp" last week.... which they totally loved by the way. Teaching full time these last few months has taught me a lot, to say the least. I've been learning extreme patience with my little 4 year olds as well as my 14 year olds. I've also made quite the list of practice excuses and hilarious phrases my students come up with. Teaching is the BEST.

Now on to the next concert! My cute students at St. Peters k-8 school will be performing our annual Christmas pageant this thursday evening. I can hardly wait. They've been working hard for the last couple of months and the school community has been getting excited. I guess the pageant has quite the reputation to being amazing. It's such a blessing for me to be a part of the pageant and get to spend time with these cute kids everyday!

Hope everyone else is having a happy holiday!

Chocolate piano gift from student. Don't think I'll be eating it. My apartment is cold enough to keep it whole for a while. 


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