Friday, October 17, 2008

Amazing buffet and KTV

                     few weeks ago we went out for a fun night with some of the teachers at the school. They took us to a really amazing Chinese buffet place! Besides the cow tongue and the chicken stomach.. it was really good! I was happy about the ice cream, french fries, orange chicken, and fried bananas. After stuffing ourselves at dinner we made our way over to KTV to sing the night away! The Chinese people LOVE karaoke! It is really a big deal here in China. It is really cool because you rent out a room for 3 hours. The rooms are really nice and they have many songs for options! They have the music videos for the songs playing being the words. Some of the music videos for the English songs are hilarious because they made them up themselves. Pretty ridiculous. We had a blast with our Chinese friends though! We have become really good friends with so many of them. There are also 2 canadians that are teaching English here at the school. They are not part of our program, but we have a lot of fun with them also! 

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