Monday, October 13, 2008

My reason for coming

My main purpose for coming to China this semester was to make some sort of a difference, even if very small, in the lives of these beautiful kids. Within this last month of teaching I have grown to love these kids in an amazing way. Even though I cannot speak Chinese and hardly communicate with them verbally at all, I love them so much. I am so grateful to be here and have the opportunity to get to know all of them! I cannot think about the day when I will have to leave them. So, I will make the best of the time that I have here with them! 

                    Here are some pictures of the kids, our classrooms, and some of the teachers teaching. So far teaching has been amazing. We are getting to know all of the kids so well and they are learning so much! We have 50 students all together that we teach for about 3 hours every day. Each rotation last 25 minutes and then we also have an opening and a closing. I am actually not teaching with the other teachers during this time because I am the head teacher. My job is awesome though, I get to walk around and watch all the teachers do their job. Sometimes I will teach for them as an example so they can get some tips on how to teach better. I also help them with their own teaching every day and I make sure that everything runs smoothly. I love being able to get to know all of the kids so well, in this short time I have already been able to see them grow and learn so much!



Troy said...

Cute pictures Carly!! Looks like tons of fun.

amanda p. said...

Such an experience! I love love love the kids throwing up the peace signs and the two boys in the picture with you being ninjas? or something?! Love it! Chinese kids are some of the cutest kids out there huh? Fun!

Brian and Brianna said...

How crazy is it that you know my brother in law! What a small world it is!! That's so cool :)

Dana said...

You are making a difference! Just your happy personality and kindness has, no doubt, effected those around you for good. I can just imagine how the seeds you are planting will grow and grow and you will probably never know how much good you have done! It will be an experience you will always be grateful to have! LOVE YOU!