Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Package from the best mom in the world!!

So a few weeks ago a got a package from my mom in the mail! I cannot even describe how excited I was to get it. It was waiting in the office for me one morning and I freaked out! The box is so big with my favorite goodies from America. Some of the goodies included; peanut butter m&ms (of course), mac and cheese, chewy bars, sweet and salty granola bars, fruit snacks, gushers, cereal, potato pearls, wheat thins, vanilla wafers, cheese itz, and trail mix. She also included the last 2 issues of the Ensign, some pictures from home, flip flops, and a blanket. What an amazing, kind mother I have!! 

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Laney said...

Carly, you DO have the best mom in the world!
Thought you might like to know Brittney & JP had their baby this morning (11/29 here). McKinlee is a whopping 10 lbs 11 oz. She is a cute, chubby baby with long fingers and big feet :-) Mom and baby are doing fine.
Love ya, Marlane