Thursday, November 27, 2008

BEST Thanksgiving ever!!

         Thanksgiving in China was the best! I had such an incredible day. I am so full of happiness and love right now for my many blessings. We just got back from our 5 day vacation to Shanghai and Hangzhou yesterday so we were so excited to see our kids during teaching today. They all ran and hugged us so tight when we saw them. They were trying to ask us where we had been and they told us that they missed us so much. One of the teachers today told her kids that we only have 11 days left to teach them and then we fly back to America. A few of her kids started bawling and then they told the other kids that we are leaving them soon. It was so sad. I just realized how precious that rest of my time here really is. 
          We finished teaching around 5 and then we rushed back to our rooms to get our American meal ready!! We had.... lots of different kinds of pasta, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad, bread and muffins, hamburger rice, Chicken legs (no turkey :(), taco saladish stuff, a delicious veggie plate, and of course lots of Jello and cake. It was so fun to prepare whatever food we could come up with and just put together random stuff! We took all the food to the cafeteria and ate it with some of the Chinese teachers at the school. Our 2 Canadian friends who also live and teach at the school joined us as well.  During our meal we went around and everyone said what they were grateful for. Our Chinese friends just thanked us so much for being here with them told us how much they will miss us when they leave. We have become so close with them and will miss them a lot when we leave. It was SO FUN to give them some American food. They didn't really like the mashed potatoes haha but they LOVED the Jello! Also the cake that we made.. (in our microwave) was way to sweet for them. We still loved it though. 
            So today I am grateful for my China experience. It is almost over and I have grown more than I ever could have imagined in these few short months here. I love this opportunity to be able to teach and learn more about the Chinese people and their culture. I LOVE the kids I teach as if they were my own children, I have become so close with them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those back in America!! I hope you eats lots and lots of turkey for me :) 

LOVE- Carly Jo


Nelson Family said...

I somehow found sounds like you are having the time of your life...I will be watching for new updates!! :)

Jake and Kalli said...

Carly!! you look so good in all these pictures! I can't wait to see you soon!!