Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kayla's Passport

I am not sure that I ever told the story about Kayla getting her passport stolen. When Kayla and some of the girls were at a supermarket in Changzhou she had her wallet stolen. In her wallet she had all her ID's and a good amount of Chinese and American money, also, her passport. The next week we spent a lot of time at different police stations trying to get a police report stating her passport was stolen, so that we could go to the embassy to get her a new one. Getting the police report was supposed to me the simple part of the process, but it was proving to be very unsuccessful. Kayla and I were not able to go to Beijing on vacation because her passport was stolen the week before we were going to go. We still had a good time hanging out in Changzhou though. A few days after the vacation we attempted again to get a police report. We went with King, our foreign affairs coordinator, to the Police Station. We walked in, and an officer walked over to an cabinet, unlocks it, and pulls out a wallet!! He came over and opened it, and there was Kayla's wallet! We both were screaming a crying. A random Chinese person had found the wallet in a dumpster the day before and turned it in. What a miracle! I am so grateful for the many prayers that were answered! Our program director said that this was the first time in the history of International Language Programs that a stolen passport has been found. We are so blessed. Being the head teacher, this was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. We know that Lord is very aware of us and our journey's here in China :)

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