Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hangzhou and Shanghai vacation!

Last week we had the opportunity to go on a short vacation! We first spent two days in Shanghai. We stayed at a cute little hostel that was so perfect. The 6 0f us we in a room all together with bunk beds. We loved it. Besides it being rainy the whole time we were there, it was a blast. We had a good time going to church on sunday and spending some time with the young single adults. It took us an hour of being lost walking in the rain to find where the branch meets. We were determined though and were extremely glad to finally find it when we did. 

This lady at the train station loved us. She was teaching me Chinese while we were waiting for our train station. 
Some cute girls we met came to our hostel Sunday night to play cards! They are so fun. 

Here are some of the members that we met in Shanghai. 

On our way to Church..... we were lost... and it was raining. 

Outside our Hostel in Shanghai. 


    This is an obstacle course that we did at an Amusement park in Hangzhou. It was so much fun! We were harnessed and attached to a cable so it was not dangerous. Some of it was a little tricky, but mostly it was just fun. 

The second half of our trip we were in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is famous for the great West Lake. It is a huge lake surrounded by temples, bridges, and pagodas. It was very beautiful. Hangzhou was a very fun city. There was lots of shopping and cool sights to see. They are also famous for their silk markets. You can get all the silk you want for very cheap. None of us wanted silk so we did not spend too much time there. The Hostel we stayed at was great! The Chinese people running it are very helpful in helping us find all the things that we want to do. We loved our vacation! When the trip was over it was very nice to get back to our home here at the school in Changzhou. We love it here and really do feel at home here.


amanda p. said...

hey love your tennys with your Sunday clothes! So fun! So does that mean you will be home soon? Because Catie was telling me about all the missionaries that are getting home and I want YOU and us and a game night at your parents!!! ARGGHH!!!

krystal said...

look how much fun your having :) can't wait for the reunion of friends when you get home though ha ha.

krystal said...

Add me to your blog :) i got one ha ha