Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EBOOKS! - Jirene in the Philippines.

SCREEN SHOT! Woo! Yes, this is what I stare at all day... :) It's so fun though! We are using footage from our trip to create 20 second videos that will go into the Ebooks. They are really short and fun! The one you're looking at is Jirene in the Philippines and it is for the color BROWN! Brown in Tagalog is Kayumanggi, that's what children will learn from the video. 

Watch this cute video of two little boys in Germany! They are so funny and I really love how it teaches kids how to say Orange in German! 

Our first 3 Ebooks will be for sale through our website on Dec. 9th! We are so excited and ready to share these videos with you and your family!!! You can view them on Ipads, Iphones, any IOS device and they are very very interactive. There will be a FREE SAMPLE BOOK that will explain clearly the interactive abilities of the book and will include several video clips. "What Color is Your World" and "123, Count the World With Me" will be for sale. Of course, the best part is knowing that when you buy a book, we will give a book (printed book) away to a child somewhere in the world who is waiting to learn! 

Have a fantabuloso day!! 

-Carly Jo 

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