Thursday, December 1, 2011

Experiences in Israel

I thought that I would share a few pictures from our trip to Israel. When people ask me which country was my favorite I usually respond with Israel. It was so special to be in the Holy Land and to spend some time with amazing people there who's families have lived there for centuries. 

We were so lucky that we got to spend a little extra time at the entrance to the tomb with just our group. What a spiritual experience this was, being able to walk into the garden tomb and feel the spirit that was there.  Especially after having served as a missionary at Temple Square, I enjoyed reflecting upon the Savior's life, death, and resurrection. 

Sea of Galilee in Capernaum.  After Christ left Nazareth he spent much of his three year ministry in Capernaum. It's located on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. I'm loving reading through scriptures in the New Testament of Christ's life now and reading with a picture in my mind of the places where he lived, taught, and worked many miracles. I'm so grateful I had the chance to visit so many places and really envision what it was like to live during that time.  

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