Monday, December 5, 2011

My new friend Nadia from the Sinai

This is beautiful Nadia. She is 23 and she lives in the Sinai in Egypt. During our photo shoot with her and her family I spent a good amount of time getting to know her. She was amazing and has some incredible goals and dreams. She is from a Bedouin family, they do things very differently. They don't have cell phones, access to computers, or even go to stores and markets. They live at least a 6 hour drive to the nearest city which is Cairo. I was amazed at how happy she was with her lifestyle and her incredible desire to get a good solid education. 

My favorite was when she was telling me about her boyfriend who lived in another Bedouin village a ways away from her. She said she only sees him once every three months and that it is the happiest moment for her. He is teaching her english and hopes to help her get into a good school. She is trying to raise enough money through selling handmade bracelets so that she can move and they can get married, though that might take a few more years. I loved laughing and smiling with her, and learning more about her unique culture. I will always remember Nadia and know that she will be a friend for life! 

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