Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blankets Galore!

So I'm posting about some WONDERFUL news!

In Boston we received about 250 blankets and beanies to send to New York. Thank you so much to all of you who made blankets and donated them.

In Arizona and Utah blankets and beanies were collected as well. SO HAPPY! Here are a few pictures of the loading and shipping from AZ.

43 boxes to be exact. We were able to find someone to donate the money to ship them to NEW YORK yeeaaaaaa. 

Here are some pictures from our friend Gerry in New York who helped with distribution. These were taken after they arrived in NY. 

I wanted to share a note Gerry sent us recently.

Hi Liz (my mom)
Just a quick update ,
2 pallets of the blankets went to the Roxbury volunteer fire department in Breezy Point for distribution where 83 homes were burnt to the ground the night of the storm.
The remainder are being distributed throughout Broad Channel. The people are truly grateful and appreciate the talent , time and effort that was put into making each blanket and hat.  along with the monumental task of packaging and shipping the boxes. I myself want to thank you and want you to know you have 1254 new Friends in Broad Channel


Does that not warm your heart? Admit it, yours just got a little bigger.. More of the blankets were sent to New Jersey and we are still waiting to hear back from them on the distribution. I'm excited to continue service like the YEAR ROUND! There's lots of work to do people!


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