Saturday, February 9, 2013

Would rather be swimming with Nemo.

Snow time in Boston! It started snowing yesterday around 10am but didn't get heavy until later in the afternoon. We last our power for a few hours last night but other than that it hasn't been so bad. Until we woke up this morning.... 

This is our covered front porch. Shows you how windy it has been!

We didn't even think to close the garage last night! Duh! 

This is my third winter in Boston and the first time I've EVER seen snow like this. The snow reached clear up to my thigh while walking through it taking pictures this morning! My cute and very with it roommate got us out there at about 9:30am to start shoveling... I wasn't thinking it would take too long. Well after two hours of shoveling we came it to take a break and defrost. I've never been more grateful for taco soup :) So we barely made a dent in the shoveling but hopefully we will have the driveway cleared up by the end of the day. We can take the bus to church if we have to! The city is still closed down and banned all cars from the roads with a $500 fine and possible jail time if you're caught on the roads. So we are happy to stay indoors today. 

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