Thursday, August 21, 2008

An AMAZING Summer!!

So my summer in Boston was absolutely incredible! I am so grateful for all the many things that I was able to do, including finishing a summer term (12 credits) at Berklee! I was able to travel a little bit and do some fun things in Boston. The University Ward is so fun and we had some great activites throughout the summer. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from some of my favorite people and places throughout the summer! ENJOY!

Is that Sunset not beautiful?! This was one of my last nights in Boston. I am on the Mass. Ave bridge which is a short walk from where I live. My favorite bridge in Boston by far!

Drew, Denver, and I after my last sunday in the Ward. They are so great! I will miss them so much!

Last ward get together of the summer that took place at Jeremy's Apartment. It was fun to get together and say bye to all the people that are leaving. 

Ingrid, Katie, Carly Jo, Tiffany, and Mike

FHE! We had some super fun activities, this night we played human foozeball. These girls are some of my closest friends in Boston. They are all so incredible and such good example to me. LOVE THEM!

Maya, Katie, Tiffany, Katasha, Carly Jo, and Ellen

WOO HOO! I spent a week in Lake Powell on Katasha's houseboat with friends from Boston and some of her friends from home! It was a great break to get away from school and just relax.

Brooke, Carly, Tiffany, Kiarah, Bree

I also got to go camping with the family for a weekend. I love camping! We played lots of games, ate lots of junk food, and just had a blast together.

When I was home I got to hangout with my girls from Mesa. It was fun for us all to reunite. I still keep in touch with all of them and love it when we all get together!

Carly, Clarissa, Emily, Erin, Liz, Lachelle, Abby, Mallory

John Mayer Concert!!! Katasha and Tiffany gave me tickets for my birthday back in April to go to this concert! It was a BLAST! It was a beautiful night and John Mayer ROCKED!

Have a mentioned how much I love the Cambridge University Ward??? Well I do! We went on a canoe trip on a saturday and it was so awesome. The lake we went to was  in Natick Massachusetts. Loves

Celine Dion Concert!!! One of my teachers at Berklee gave me some free tickets to the Celine Dion Concert! Tiffany, Katasha, and I had so much fun. I have a lot of respect for Celine. She was an incredible performer, entertainer, everything. It was a fun girls night out. 

Quick New York trip! Tiffany and I rode the Fung Wah  bus from Boston to NYC and spent the night at Maryella's house in Connecticut. Katie was already in NY so she met up with us there as well. Her house was so beautiful, it was great to be in a homey house vs. dorms and apartments, for a change. 

We spent the next morning and afternoon in NYC. Baptisms in the Manhattan temple was the highlight of our day. We also went to the Museum of Modern Art which was incredible! NYC is fun fun fun. 

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