Thursday, August 21, 2008

China here I come!

Alright, so I am going back to China for this whole semester to teach english! I am so excited! I am going through International Language Programs (ILP), which is the same program I went with the last time I went to China. This trip is obviously very last minute, as I had been planning on continuing at Berklee this semester. BUT, I figured, what have I got to loose? ILP called me about a week and a half ago and asked me to come and be a head teacher at a school in Changzhou, China. I told them no at first because I already had many obligations. When they called me back the next day I really started to think about it. A week ago today I decided to go. So I had to hurry and pack everything up in Boston and pack for China. It was a crazy weekend but I was able to get everything finished and squared away. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

The school that we will be teaching at is the first semester that ILP will be at the school. So I will be in charge of setting up the english program and making sure that everything runs smoothly. It is going to be incredibly hard and challenging, but so worth it! 

My flight leaves tomorrow, Friday August 22nd. I will fly from here to San Francisco, then a direct flight to Hong Kong (14 hours). I will meet up with 
my group in Hong Kong and the following morning we will travel to Changzhou. We have to take a 2 hour train ride where we will meet the coordinator, then a 22 hour trains ride. The trains have beds in them, so it is very doable. It think the train rides are great because you really get to see China. 
I will update my blog throughout my semester in China. I am pretty sure that we have internet connection so I will be able to put up pictures. Feel free to email me and keep me updated! Love you all and thanks for your love, care, and support!!! 

Here is a picture of the school I will be teaching at. It looks really nice!

Here is a map of China. My city is not on this map but it is located near ShangHai.


Sarah B. said...

ohhhhh the porters! I love you carly!
now we can be blog buddies... hooray!

Spuhlers said...

So excited for you Carly! I hope you had a great flight and that everything is safe and sound!! Have a blast, and let us know if we can ship anything more to you when you need it!!! You'll be awesome!! Love ya!

Morgen said...

What a cute blog! I am glad you are going to China again because the chances of you meeting someone to marry are very slim over there. Dec. 18, Dec. 18, Dec. 18!