Sunday, August 17, 2008


So my sister Tara spent two weeks in Boston doing a summer camp at Boston Conservatory. It was an intense vocal camp. They had a performance at the end of everything that they had worked on and it was great!  I just have to brag about Tara.. She is INCREDIBLE!! Seriously, her voice blows me away. She had worked very hard throughout High School doing a lot with Musicals, Choir, and Voice lessons. She has learned a ton and is just sooooo good. I love her so much! It was a lot of fun to have her come to Boston. She stayed with my roommates and I in our apartment. We just loved having her cute, fun, humorous personality around. Whoever marries this girl, is one incredibly lucky guy. 

Katie, Tara and I after running and playing in an intense thunderstorm. There were so many thunderstorms this summer!

Tara and I at the Boston Public Gardens, just a short walk from where I live. 


stocks pick said...

thats amazing story.

prism said...

Carly - you guys are so neat - your whole family. Rich & I were trying to figure out how to get up to Boston so we could at least see you once in a while (and sponge off your energy), but don't know yet, if we'll make it out that way.

Enjoy your time in China. I think it's great that you get to go again.