Thursday, August 28, 2008

Attack of the killer Misquitoe!!

Ahhh I hate bugs!! I woke up after about an hour of sleeping last night with this crazy burning in my arm. I looked at it and there were bites all over it! It itched like crazy and got all swollen. It took me a while to get back to sleep but I finally did. I woke up an hour later with 5 bits on the side of my face with the same burning! I hurried and ripped off my covers and sheets and shook everything out. I scanned my room for bugs but nothing could be found! I was scared to go back to sleep but I was very tired and eventually did. I woke up 3 more times in the night with new bites on my feet, arms, and neck. Luckily, this morning there were only a few that I could actually see. It was like these weird bites that hurt for a while and then vanished! I guess maybe it could have been a spider?? I sure hope that it does not happen again though! A few of the other girls have had similar bites. I guess the bugs just love us American girls!

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