Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 1: Off we go!

We are on our way! I can't believe that after months and months of preparation that our world trip has finally arrived! I'm so excited! I think that what I'm most excited for is to meet incredible families all over the world. Last May when we traveled to Jamaica, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, I always enjoyed watching the families interact with one another and just spending time with them.

We have organized 4 photo shoots with 4 families in our first country. It's going to be tight considering we only have 2 days there! One of the families has four boys ages 11, 8, 6, and 6 months. The three older boys play musical instruments! Another family has 5 kids, all under the age of 13. We will be traveling to Mt. Fuji with them to get some good family pictures! How lucky are we?

Something else that I'm excited for is to visit schools in these countries. We hope to visit classrooms, ask them questions, and then share their answers with kids all around the world. The questions could be anything from, "What's your favorite game to play" to "how do you get to school", ect... We will video children talking about their own lives, show clips of the in their classrooms, and then share the videos over the web. So fun! I hope that this will not only be intriguing to kids around the world, but to many adults as well. Personally I love hearing about other cultures and learning how other people live their lives. There is so much to learn!

Well, I'm off on a twelve hour flight across the pacific! Wish me happy sleeping!

Last picture in America for a few months! 

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