Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 3: Tiny cars and noodles

Well, our first shoot day is complete! I'm hoping that the first week is the hardest because WOW it was hard! We have such limited time with each family and have so many pictures that we need to get for all of the books. I loved it though and the families were as sweet as ever.

The houses here are so tiny! Actually, everything is tiny! The people, the cars, the houses, the streets...  I went for a jog this morning and was so impressed with how clean everything is, how in the world does a city of 13 million stay so clean? It's really cool. Oh and little side note, this morning was my first time jogging with my vibram five finger shoes (mostly because I left my tennis shoes at home). But it was great! I almost got lost but then I saw the SevenEleven right near our hotel and I found my way :) 

The families were so great today. I love the simplicity of the life style that they live here. They work hard, raise good families, and live long happy lives. We interviewed the father of the first family and something he said was, "you know, being a father is hard, really really hard. Lot's of pressure to raise a good family. But I know it's worth it , and we are happy, so happy." So conclusion? Hard work leads to happiness. 

Tomorrow we have two more families that we get to spend time with. We are scheduled to leave at 8AM and won't be back until 10PM. Busy busy! I'm so glad that Shiho and Yoshie (our amazing coordinators) have planned everything so well for us. They are so amazing! Mt. Fuji here we come! 

Kindergartners on their way to school, love the pink hats. 
Me and Denver at lunch, yummy chicken curry. 
Crew at lunch.
Japanese fast food, so yummy! 

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Jake and Kalli said...

SO fun! I so wish I could be with you guys! And by the way.. tell my mom to stop faking- she doesn't even know how to use chop sticks! haha