Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 16: Kids, kids, kids. 3 things.

Kids are happy- all of the video footage I took at this small fishing village in Santa Rosa, Philippines was overpowered by the constant laughter in the background. I thought it was hilarious! It was as if these kids had never seen cameras before! As soon as a pressed the red button they were shouting and dancing and doing everything they could to get in front of the camera. Haha it was so great.

Kids live- I'm not sure how many kids in the world live in poverty, but I would guess it would be the majority. I love that they live their lives just as any kid would, whether they have shoes or not, or whether they have a nice home or not. We interviewed Pasco, an 11 year old who lived in this area. The kids nicknamed him Pasco which means christmas, because he's always giving the other kids gifts. When we asked him if he had one wish what would it be he replied, "To help my mom and dad get out of the living situation they are in", we asked, "how will you do that?" His response, "By becoming a policeman."

Kids need- They need to play, they need to be nurtured, they need to be taught, they need to learn of the world around them, and they need to be loved. 

Can't wait to donate books to this school someday! Loved visiting with them and was happy to hear my mom tell one of the teachers that we plan to send them books once they are finished. I LOVED seeing the faces of the teachers when we told them their school
would soon receive these books. Happy happy happy. It makes it all worth it. 

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