Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2: Hard work in Japan- ready to go!

Well, we made it to Tokyo! I've never been to Japan before but I'm already loving it! After arriving at the airport we packed our luggage and seven people in to a ten passenger van that we rented, it worked out perfectly. Our hotel is in Shinjyuku, about two hours away from the airport, in the heart of Tokyo. Dad wanted to take some cool pictures on our way during a beautiful sunset. We found some neat fields but quickly ran out of light. I'm used to driving with my dad in foreign places but I almost died again tonight as he maneuvered his way through heavy traffic while taking pictures outside the van. Good thing that Todd was there to yell, STEVE STEVE STEVE, seconds before rear ending another van. By the sound Kirstin's gasp I think she too almost had a heart attach.

Street our hotel is on. 

My dad served his mission here 35 years ago so he was stoked to go find some yummy Japanese food. We are all so exhausted from traveling so hopefully a good nights rest will give us the energy for our first photo shoot tomorrow! I'm so excited to see Yoshie,  she was one of my companions from my mission on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. She is going to be one of our translators!!

Picture of the ladies in our hotel.

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emily said...

so fun! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures