Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 6: Cute cute cute kids!

I LOVED our time working in Japan.

We really felt like we hit the jackpot during day two of our stay. There were quite a few pictures that we needed for E3 Imagines books series that we still hadn't got yet and we were really hoping that we could find them during our time with these two additional families. Well, we got what we wanted! The families were perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything better.

Are they not adorable? We were with this family all morning and afternoon. They had 5 kids and lived in a cute apartment in Tokyo. We had a BLAST filming them. We actually organized and were able to make a trip to Mt. Fuji with this family and got some INCREDIBLE shots! Be sure to check on the E3 Imagine website to see some of those images soon.

This video was taken of the two children in the last family we visited. They were so outgoing! From the moment we met them it was as if they were celebrities; posing for pictures, singing, dancing, doing gymnastics, putting on their traditional clothes, it was so awesome! This song that they sang for us was so cute. We have a better recording but this one was fastest to upload :) Enjoy!

What would you like to know about kids in Japan? 

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enigmatic said...

Hey, It's Quister. This is so neat. How fun that you get to travel all over the world. I'm excited to read more.

P.S. I love that I show up on your trafic feed as a visitor from Tel Aviv. So cool.