Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 7: 10 things... MONGOLIA

10 WONDERFUL things about Mongolia

1) The families feed you when you enter their home. 

2) Shagai- Sheep or goat bones collected, painted bright colors, and used to play games or for fortune telling. Some families gave me some to take home. 

3) The Ger home- Portable homes made from the wool of flocks of sheep and consist of a circular wooden frame. They cost about 1,000 dollars for a family to build. Decorated so beautifully! 

4) Happy people. 

5) Bright colors. 

6) Candy, homemade cheese, and dumplings. Fan of the candy, not so much of the cheese.. or the dumplings....  

7) Taking your shoes off when you enter a home. 

8) Cute kids in their traditional clothing. 

9) Street food everywhere including mutton on a stick! (Mutton is made of the meat from a Lamb). 

10) Beautiful weather! 

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